"Jim is a fabulous coach with a deep understanding of Wing Chun. His intelligent teaching style is accessible whatever your background or goals, and classes are composed to allow progress whatever skill level you’re at. He's always happy to help - there’s no ceremony required if you need clarification on a technique, be it for a drill or application. Everyone in the class was happy to help when I started as a beginner, and it’s my privilege to reciprocate to any newcomer."

Dave Lowry

"Jim Woodcock has excellent in-depth knowledge of Wing Chun and provides first class instruction in an informal relaxed atmosphere with the aim of helping everybody achieve high levels of skill. I would highly recommend Havant Wing Chun if you're looking to train traditional kung fu."

Darrell Hart

The Havant branch of the Wing Chun Federation was set up in 2009 by coaches Mark Page and Jim Woodcock and continues as representatives of Alan Gibson's Wing Chun federation.

At Havant Wing Chun we pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. We teach our Wing Chun with a focus on skill, power and courage. This way our students can take their own path through the syllabus and apply their Wing Chun how they want to, whether that be a more realistic Self Protection route, sparring/fighting or a more holistic Martial Arts path. Plus we will allways strive to evolve our system by absorbing what is useful and discarding what is useless.

We are a small dedicated group who focus on developing our fighting skill and ability and continuously adapt, change and refine our chosen art of Wing Chun.

To achieve this, the club blends the traditional Wing Chun Federation syllabus (www.wingchun.org.uk) with drills, exercises and fight training to develop the awareness, reactions and other attributes needed to prevail in a live fight situation.

Alan Gibson founded The Wing Chun Federation in 1990 with the purpose of promoting the Wing Chun style of Kung Fu. Gibson’s friendly, pragmatic coaching style is endorsed to the highest level; he has been coaching for over 25 years.

We aim to teach skill based, functional Wing Chun, in a relaxed and positive atmosphere; emphasis is placed on technical excellence and personal development.

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Wing Chun kung fu, also branded Ving Tsun, is a traditional style of southern Chinese martial art. It is widely known as the style Bruce Lee studied before shooting to Hollywood fame; more recently it has been further popularised by the Ip Man series of films.

Wing Chun is a subtle and complete system of Chinese Kung Fu, developed over hundreds of years as an effective fighting method. According to legend Wing Chun was initially devised by Ng Moi, a Buddhist nun.

Chi sau - Wing Chun - Ving Tsun - Martial arts - MMA - Yip Man - Bruce Lee - Alan Gibson - Wiing Chun Federation

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